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SAY HEY TO: a true taste sensation

We're on a simple mission: make nut butter better, the Berber way.

Berbers are indigenous people of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Berber [noun] ⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖ

Self-name Amazigh, pl. Imazighen, meaning "free people".

A culture that oozes adventure, freedom and discovery. 

Taghazout, Omar’s hometown, is where Yumello’s story began.

See, in Berber culture, all it takes is a chance encounter (and some decent chat) to be invited into someone’s home. After Omar and I met trekking, before I knew it, I was sitting down to lunch with his family: “Forget everything you know about food,” he told me, as he led me through the door. And guess what? You should do the same.

A bit like Avril Lavigne, the Berbers don’t like to complicate things. They harness pure and simple ingredients to create bold and unexpected flavour combinations — ones you never knew you needed, but you’re darn glad you found. Ingeniously crafted recipes.

Big taste sensations. Healthy, happy bellies.

Just over a decade after we first crossed trails, Omar and I founded Yumello to celebrate the Berbers’ game-changing approach to food.

So we hope you’ll raise a spoon with us — here’s to inventing and disrupting. Daring and indulging. Adventuring and exploring.

(...You get the idea. We’re a hoot.)

Happy spooning,

Esther and Omar

things you might not know about Yumello but definitely should...

Made with just a handful of real ingredients (no palm oil or refined sugar... just properly sourced deliciousness).

Made in small batches in the UK
(we started Yumello making 100 jars one jar at a time).

Every recipe is inspired by the ingredients and bold flavours of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

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