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Berber [noun] ⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖ

/ˈbəːbə/ The indigenous people of North Africa.

Self-name Amazigh, pl. Imazighen, meaning "free people".

Yumello was born from Omar’s upbringing in Morocco, the Berbers are made for some pretty out-of-the-box thinking and Omar is no exception. Using a recipe his mother sent, he began experimenting in our kitchen back in 2016.

In the Atlas Mountains... food ⵉⵎⴰⵣⵉⵗⴻⵏ - it is an adventure.

Our mission is to create food that sings and celebrates the Berber people’s sheer inventiveness and adventurous soul - giving food extra indulgence with the simple and pure ingredients that grow deep in the Atlas Mountains.

Adventure defines us

We met in Omar's hometown, Taghazout - the Berber village where the Atlas Mountains meet the ocean. 

Big foodies, we were inspired to bring our love of the fierce, disorderly and bold flavours of the Atlas Mountains to the UK.

We invite you to explore it with us.

Esther & Omar

things you might not know about Yumello but definitely should...


No palm oil, refined sugar, syrups... no tricky stuff!


The inspiration and most of our ingredients come from the Atlas Mountains, but our nut butters are made here in the UK. 


The better the quality of ingredients that go in, the better the quality of product that comes out. We set out to make nut butters you will want to spoon straight from the jar! 

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