Where did the inspiration for Yumello come from?
Our co-founders Esther and Omar met trekking in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco - and this is where it all started! Over a decade later they created Yumello inspired by the traditional Berber spread that kept them fuelled on their treks. 

Where did the name Yumello come from?
Esther couldn’t find the words for how good our salted date almond butter was after tasting the final product for the first time, so she said ‘yumello’ instead…and it stuck!


Are your nut butters suitable for vegans? 
 Yes! All our nut butters are suitable for vegans!
Do any of your nut butters contain sugar?
 Our nut butters are free from refined sugar! Our flavoured nut butters are sweetened with real dates.
Are your products gluten and dairy free?
 Yes! All of our nut butters are free from gluten and dairy.
How long do your nut butters last for?
 Once opened, we recommend eating them within 3 months - that shouldn’t be too difficult!  
Do you mix the oil in natural peanut butter?
 Yes. The natural oils can separate but giving the nut butter a quick stir is all you need to do so it all reaches the same consistency. 
Where are your products made?
 Our nut butters are made in small batches in the UK - in CO2 neutral facilities.
What are hi-oleic peanuts?
Hi-oleic peanuts only grow in a few places in the world - we're really proud to source ours from Argentina. We use them because not only because they are naturally sweeter than standard peanuts, but they also contain higher levels of mono-unsaturated fats (the ‘good’ kind), which help support normal cholesterol levels. 
Where do you source your argan oil from?
Our argan oil is sourced directly from our female-led partner coop Targanine in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This enables us to ensure high quality standards, full traceability and that producers are paid a fair price for their goods, as well as ensuring every Berber woman that processes the argan kernels to make this precious oil earns a fair wage. Read more about Our Impact.
What is argan oil good for?
 As well as making your hair smooth and silky, Moroccan argan oil is rich in essential nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and has a deliciously nutty flavour, making it perfect for nut butter!
How can I use your nut butters?
On toast, in porridge, drizzled over banana bread, spicing up a curry…or fresh off the spoon! These are just some of our favourite ways to eat nut butter but take a look at our Recipes for inspiration.
Is eating peanut butter good for you?
 Yes! Peanut butter is a great addition to a balanced diet. It's a great source of natural protein, as well as mono-unsaturated fats which help support normal cholesterol levels. It's also packed with fibre for a happy gut!


What does Yumello do to support environmental sustainability?
 A few steps we have taken to be a more sustainable company include ensuring our production is carbon neutral, our packaging is 100% recyclable and our products are free from palm oil, a major cause of deforestation. We are always reviewing what we can do to make sure our product is as sustainable as it can be. We are totally committed to a lighter footprint on the earth and making our products the right way.
Why is palm oil so bad?
 Palm oil has been and continues to be a major driver of deforestation of some of the world's most biodiverse forests, causing devastating consequences for already endangered species like the Orangutan or Sumatran rhino, as well as local indigenous communities. 
What does Yumello do to support the communities in which it operates?
 We are helping to change women's lives by sourcing our argan oil directly from our partner coop Targanine in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This enables us to ensure high quality standards, full traceability and that producers are paid a fair price for their goods. Targanine’s tight-knit network of cooperatives represent over 300 Berber women who process the argan kernels to make this precious oil, earning a fair wage and helping improve their social status and financial independence in a rural area with limited work opportunities. 


Is your packaging recyclable?
 Our jars, tubs and lids are 100% recyclable. At the moment, our factory is a glass-free site, so we produce our nut butters in PET plastic as they are 100% recyclable. We are committed to trading as lightly as we can on the planet and want to reassure you that we are constantly reviewing our packaging to do so.
What is PET plastic?
 PET plastic is globally recognised as a safe, non-toxic light material that is 100% recyclable. We use this to package our nut butters. 


How can I track my order?
 Our standard UK delivery is 3-5 working days. When you place your order you should receive a shipping confirmation link which will let you track your order progress.
Do you ship internationally?
 Unfortunately, we can’t ship internationally for the foreseeable future due to border closures into Europe. However, we are working on it and will certainly do our best to ship abroad in the future! 
I have a question about my shipment. Who can I contact?
 Drop us an email to! Please include your order number to help us resolve the problem quickly.
I’m interested in stocking your products in my shop or cafe - how can I get more information?
 We’d love to chat to you about stocking our products! Get in touch with Lucy at to talk about trade.

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