This Veganuary, all you need is our irresistible smoky harissa peanut buttera handful of fresh fruit and veg and a loaf of bread to make three delectable dishes. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? We say avo go… 



peanut butter smoke and fire harissa

Spicing up a crudité platter has never been simpler! We suggest some carrot sticks, cucumber, and thin slices of pepper, followed by locating those cheese crackers that were left over from Christmas as they will add to the classy aesthetic of your crudité boardTake in the beautiful spicy aroma as you twist off the lid of your fresh jar of smoky harissa peanut butter. Just like that, you have a quick and easy dip with accompaniments to share! However, we do recommend a tub per person as its moreish flavours will only leave you wanting more. Don’t say we didn’t warn you 



vegan wrap peanut butter harissa

Lett-uce let you in on a snack that is so simple, yet so irresistible. The key ingredient for this one is a fresh lettuce with large leaves, and of course – our smoky harissa peanut butter. 

Tearing off three to four lettuce leaves, arrange them so that they create an enclosed wrap. Filling them with your choice of vegetables, drizzle some peanut butter over the top to create a delectable combination. Alternativelylike an open sandwich, create a delicious single-leafed snack which can be either topped with sweet cherry tomatoescucumber, and peanut butter, or generously dunked straight into our decadent smoky harissa concoction. Perfect for a midday or midnight munch! 



avocado toast peanut butter avo toast

At Yumello HQ, we have been coming up with all sorts of ways to make the most of our toast this month!  

Injecting some spice into a classic brunch dish, our mouth-watering avocado on toast only takes a few quick minutes to make and five simple ingredients. Toast your bread to a crispy golden brown while smashing an avocado. As soon as your toast is ready, lather on a generous dollop of our smoky harissa peanut buttermaking this dish rich in both flavour and texture. Last but not least, spoon on your smashed avocado and decorate with a couple of lemon wedges and enjoy a toasty dish worthy of #foodpornFriday.  

Wishing you a very happy Veganuary,  

The Yumello Team x  


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